HAL Employees Welfare Fund

About Us

The strength of every Group of Members lies in the perseverance of individuals who have adopted that same group as their own and together striving as a team, work each second for the common good.

The right employee training, development and education, at the right time, provides big payoffs for the employer in increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty and contribution.

A.K Bose - Founder of EWF

Recognizing the value and importance of the above, under the able chairmanship of the late Sri. A.K. Bose, the Labour Welfare Fund was founded in the year 1953. The decision to carve a Welfare Fund in this giant corporate machinery for the singular factory worker, received excellent response and the Fund initially started with a seed capital made up of contributions by the employer with respect to the employees.

The Fund held it’s ground thereon, with contributions by the employee members every month.

In 1975, there was a proposal for the Registration of this Fund inorder to cater to the welfare and needs of the employees within all legal frameworks. Subsequently, the Fund was registered for all operations under the Finance and Audit (Registrar of societies) Act, by the managing committee members.

Later in the year 1989, there were proposals for changes in the name of this Fund and on 31.12.1990, the name was changed to the EMPLOYEES WELFARE FUND [ registered under the Finance and Audit ( Registrar of Societies) Act ].

The initial employee beneficial activity of the EWF was to disburse Vouchers of Rs 150/- to its members for the purchase of clothes. With a strong hold on the initial vision coupled with dedication and integrity, today the EWF has proudly reached a point where it provides loans upto Rs 50,000/- to its employee members using the overdraft facility from the bank.

Member Strength

Our Mission

Our numbers have considerably grown as a beneficiary welfare fund over the years as our reach and purpose has become intrinsically a part and parcel of every employees maturity and growth in the organisation. Today, having a strength of approximately 13,500 employee members with a steady increase day by day, we are scattered across many areas like the Bangalore complex, Design Complex, Helicopter Complex, Corporate office and also the employees are deputed from the Bangalore division to other places like the Goa, Nashik Divisions, Tambaram, Dindugal, Ambala, Agra, Gorakpur, Jamnagar, etc.


Our Mission
  • Born as Service is our Motto, while catering to the evolving needs of Members and their families.
  • Grown on Service Motives while implementing welfare schemes for its members.
  • Consistently instilling Trust in self and the Group of Members.
  • While maintaining constant focus on all objectives through every endeavor.


Our vision

To be an institution dedicated to provide specific fund arrangements and welfare services to all its employee members and their families.


Our vision
  • To manage all financial ( and other ) resources of the Fund.
  • To setup and operate schemes and projects for the welfare of employees and their families.
  • To facilitate in availing loans for the procurement of plots/independent houses/apartments at affordable  prices to its members.
  • To provide other services & benefits as decided by the Managing Committee Members.